Sunday, July 17, 2016

Middle Ages Worksheet #2

1- What was the purpose of chain mail?

2- Why do you think parents chose the marriage partners for their children?

3- Why did women cover their hair?

4- What was a crusader?

5- Why do you think they fostered out their children to other families? Do you think this is a good practice?

6- Describe the jobs a boy had to do before he became a knight? Why do you think they made him do that?

7- What were the five different classes of society?

8- What role did the church play in everyday life?

9- Why was the church important to people who went on pilgrimages?

10- What kind of houses did the peasants live in?

11- How did their diet compare to a wealthy person?

12- Why did they kill all their livestock before the winter?

13- How were things changing for women in the towns? Did they have it better than the girls in the manor who couldn't make any decisions?

14- Name some of the jobs in the town.

15- How did someone become a craftsmen? Was it an easy life? What profession would you pick and why?

16- Where did the craftsmen live?

17- What were the four humors of the body and why were they important?

18- Why did the girl prefer a midwife?

19- Name some of the activities that were popular? Which one would you like to do or watch?

20- Describe what you think a tournament would look like.

21- Why do you think minstrels were popular?

22- Why was the church more powerful than the king? How do you think that made the king feel about the church? 

23- Why do you think building huge cathedrals were important?

24- Why was travel by sea safer?

25- Why do you think girls did not go to grammar school? If they were allowed, why was it in a convent?

26- Pick a famous person from the time period and describe why they were important?

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