Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Colonial America Worksheet #2

1- Make a chart comparing the diet back in England and compare it to the food available in the New World. What do you think the colonists missed most and why?

2- How could two children from very different cultures communicate if they didn't' speak the same language? Come up a way to say fish, water, hungry, cold, and friend without using any words.

3- Why were salt, spices and vinegar important to the settlers?

4- Why do you think ale was the preferred drink?

5- Why was the first Thanksgiving so important?

6- Why is having surplus vegetables important? Other than eating them, how could that make life easier?

7- What does "breeched" mean and why do you think it was important to a little boy?

8- Name three chores a child would have to do? Which would you choose to do and why?

9- Describe a game that children played back then and compare it to one that you play today. What are the differences?

10-Why do you think only boys went to school?

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