Friday, July 15, 2016

Ancient Greece Worksheet #1

1- What do the ruins in the middle of a city tell you about how the Greeks feel about their heritage?

2- Write a story about visiting a city in Ancient Greece. What do you think you would see? Describe the sights and smells.

3- Why was Greece called the "Cradle of Western Civilization"?

4-  People have lived in Athens for thousands of years. Name three things that may attract people to live in a city.

5- What does demokratia mean and how does it affect you today?

6- Why do you think the Greeks worshipped so many gods? Why do you think al the gods lived on Mount Olympus?

7- What did the people have in common in the many city-states of Greece? How did they show their differences?

8- Why do you think slavery was considered natural in Ancient Greece? Where did the slaves come from? How could a slave be freed?

9- Why do you think they built houses of stone in Greece?

10- Why did they keep the fire in the household hearth lit all the time?

11-Write a menu for an Ancient Greek child and then write your menu for a day. How do they differ? 

12- Why do you think the father ate separately and reclined on a cushion?

13- Why did they not like to drink water?

14- What did they use instead of sugar?

15- What is a thetes?

16- What was life like in Sparta? 

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