Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NEW Giveaway!

I recently published new books for my "Captain No Beard" series and "If You Were Me and Lived In..." series. These two series teach important life's lessons and help children to imagine places and things outside of their own space.

Captain No Beard and his crew of loyal pirates heave anchor for another adventure, this time in the icy waters of the Arctic. Captain No Beard's steering a course due north, sailing by the light of the North Star. Everyone on the crew wonders what the captain's up to, especially as he gets embarrassed when they ask. When the captain finally admits his plan, the crew discovers he plans to steal the aurora borealis, the beautiful northern lights that brighten the arctic sky. They're all shocked. They may be pirates, but even they know stealing is bad. Besides, how can anyone steal the lights from the sky? A charming, engaging tale about doing what's right.

 In If You Were Me and Lived in…Greece , early learners get a taste of what their life would be like if they lived in Greece while being introduced to the birthplace of democracy. This book is the latest installment of the educational series about the cultures of the world that speaks to young children about the topics that interest them, such as the foods people eat, the names of boys and girls, and the activities that children their age living in a foreign land are likely to engage in. This exciting visit to Greece also introduces the important concept of democracy to children and highlights some of the other cultural contributions that Greece has made to Western civilization. Basic information is offered in a playful way that won’t overwhelm children.
Carole P. Roman is giving away a Kindle copy of each of these books and $200 Amazon to one very lucky winner. If you would like to win this, enter in the Rafflecopter below for your chance.
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The winner will be paid in US dollars only and it may take up to four week to receive payment.  Winner must have a Kindle to receive the book.

This giveaway is open from October 28th at Midnight MST to Nov. 5th Midnight MST. This giveaway is open worldwide. Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and must respond to an email sent within 48 hours or forfeit prize.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scientific and well thought out book

Really well thought out novel that deals with many issues from the quest for answers to the morality of changing human nature. Lawrence Lapin clearly knows what he's talking about when he tackles disease, genetics, and our impact on the earth. Although the characters feel vaguely stereotyped, there is action, adventure, the romance of a deeply rooted marriage, and the question of ethics all crafted into one storyline. It had the same feel of a Dirk Pitt (Clive Cussler) storyline, but with a lot more information. A deep read for those whose interests lie in the direction of what could happen when we tamper with humanity.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Enjoyable Ah Ha moment!

Jack Mack knows how to tell a story. With just one word, or really a sound, he relates all the different ways the frog uses it to tease, be scared, and finally find relief. We had a great time reading it, and the beauty of the book is once the child knows the word, they can read it too. We had fun trying to decide which type of Ah Ha moment little frog was having.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Perfect bag for holding a manduka

This is a fantastic, high quality yoga mat bag! I love it. It's not only large enough to hold my manduka mat but the straps feel durable and strong enough that they won't break. I also love the air-holes on the side so that the mat can breathe. I will definitely be referring my colleagues and students to purchase this bag. 

Disclosure: Item received in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The After House. It's The Perfect Halloween Read!

Michael Phillip Cash has done it again with a charming book called The After House. Set in scenic Cold Spring Harbor in Long Island, it involves Remy Galway, a newly divorced mom trying to rebuild her shattered life. From the start, her six year old daughter feels the presence of something in the house, but Remy tries her best to lighten the gloomy home. Little do they know that they share the house with the spirit of a crusty whaling captain who is not entertained with the feminine changes to his house. The way he interacts with the humans is both hilarious as well as poignant. 
True to his form, Cash's characterizations shine. Reading one of his books is like visiting with old friends. Characters from Stillwell, and The Flip make return appearances, but the book stands alone for first time readers. While it is a ghost story, and does possess the necessary chills, Cash's books are really about human wants and needs. While The Hanging Tree brought home the point that we define our destiny, Stillwell stressed that we don't have to be the victims of it. The After House implies that everyone, dead or alive, comes into our lives for a reason that shapes the outcome of our time here. 
It is well written, a page turner and the Cash twist at the end leaves the reader with a satisfied feeling. 

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Delightful and restful

Delightful and organic scent of lavender to melt away stress. I placed a few drops in the laundry with my sheets and the whole batch had the faint fragrance reminiscent of fields in Provence. Sprinkle of basement carpet, where I do yoga- and the musty odor of indoors is gone. Very powerful, and a mere drop goes a long way.

Carole P. Roman

Disclosure: I received this product for review. A favorable review was not required.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This one's a keeper

Charming, sweet love story about a single mom trying to keep her head above water. Jess Thomas is struggling to keep her two children safe, while working as a house cleaner and in a pub. Her estranged and deadbeat husband lives far away and never helps. Desperate to improve her children's chances, she accepts help from the snobby and distant Ed Nicolls. On a wild journey to Scotland, they both drop their guard enough to realize that they enjoy each other's company, and they fit together like a perfect equation.
I must admit, I was not as crazy about this book when I started it. Neither Ed or Jess captured my sympathy, until their relationship blossomed. Their developing love, and the relationship between Ed and the children tugged at both my funny bone as well as my heart. Jojo Moyes knows how to hook a reader and keep them turning pages. Her books are a refreshing delightful read. I loved this book. It's a keeper.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman