Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Colonial America Worksheet #1

1- Describe the difference between what London looks like now with how it looked back in 1620.

2- What do the names chosen for children tell you about society?

3- Why was the king's religion so important to the people?

4- How did Henry VIII's personal life affect his religion?

5- Why do you think Henry VIII declared himself the head of the new religion?

6- Why do you think Henry's daughter Elizabeth I stayed with the new religion rather than go back to the old ways?

7- What does the name Reformers or Protestants tell you about the way people felt about the new religion?

8- Name two things they wanted to change.

9- What does the name Puritans tell you about the way they believed?

10- Why do you think they were called Separatists? 

11-Why did the Separatist who fled to the Dutch Netherlands find life hard?

12- Describe what you think the Pilgrims found when they landed in the New World? 

13- What do you think they did first?

14- What does "everything had to be made from scratch" mean?

15- Why would that be hard?

16- What is wattle and daub and why is it important when building a house?

17- Why do you think they never let the fire go out in the kitchen?

18- Why did the founding fathers call their home a plantation?

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