Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Best Books in the

If You Were Me and Lived in France
If You Were Me and Lived in South Korea

You can find a complete list of winners here!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Well written and compelling

Gritty, compelling tale of two seemingly unconnected men who's lives ultimately collide in an explosion of combined fate. Both men are victims of their parents lives. Drugs, hustling, and murder are the reality of their childhood existence, and while this is a story about survival, it is not a pretty or elegant tale of triumph. They are destined from birth for the family business, and each must learn how to manage living in a place where birthday gifts are weapons, and murder is a common occurrence. Mark Leslie writes an unsentimental portrayal of life in Harlem in stark, no frills language, giving the reader an insiders look of life in the "hood". He has written a masterpiece of the reversal of the American Dream and the failure of the system to save the children destined to repeat the sins of the parents.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's the bee's knees!

One Bear is an adorably illustrated rhyming book with just enough to help your little one learn to counting and numbers. Pretty pastel pictures, with silly lyrics take a child from one to ten. Perfect for bedtime, it is relaxing as it is fun to read.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A trip to the farm

Author Emily Thomson takes children on a lovely trip to the farm filled with interesting sights. An interactive book, it is a fun one to read out loud to a toddler so they can make animal sounds as well. Primary colored illustrations wake up the pages and adorable, cuddly animals brighten them even more. She does the traditional farm animals, but makes sure to include new interesting ones, like a llama as well. Pretty, inviting, and engaging, it is a perfect book for the very young.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Timeless story

Though Lynn Steward's debut book A Very Good Life takes place in the 1970 in New York City, it has a kind of timelessness to it. Dana McGarry is an "it" girl. She lives a privileged lifestyle of a well heeled public relations manager in a high end department store. With a storybook husband and a fairy tale life filled with society parties, change comes swiftly and unexpectedly. Cracks begin to appear in the perfect facade. Challenged with an ethical problem at work and the growing awareness that her relationship with her distant husband is strained, Dana must deal with the unwanted changes in her life. Can she find her place in the new world where women can have a voice, or will she allow herself to be manipulated into doing things that go against her growing self confidence? Lynn Steward creates a beautiful slice of New York's bustling holiday life, filled with rich imagery.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Friday, April 18, 2014

Can you guess?

Hilarious book about a group of animals grazing in a pasture. One of them finds something and asks the others to come over and guess what it is. Adorable pictures, filled with funny suggestions will have both reader and child shouting out suggestions. I will not give the ending away, but it could be a fun riddle to tease young brains. A quick, fun read, to be savored with a child, and may I add, the sillier you read it, the more enjoyable it will be.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Perfect marriage of beautiful artwork and fun filled verse

Beautifully illustrated trip to the moon made fun by absurd tongue twisting verse that will leave both old and young delightfully entertained. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, the authors have written similar type stanzas that create a climate of silliness. Funny animals match the refrains of hilarious situations. Certainly this book is a perfect addition to any child's library.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fish Tale with a nice hook

Joey and the Net is a beautifully illustrated story about a Mama fish and her baby tilapia. Like most big broods, or in this case schools, she has one offspring who swims against the current. This is both frustrating and scary for the mama. It all resolves itself in a Disneyesque type ending with Joey showing how his independent spirit saves the day. Great conversation starter on independent thought, when it is appropriate and when it can be dangerous. I found the details about the fish Tilapia very interesting in the front of the book.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty book that explores cities around the globe

Lovely renditions of a variety countries that invite children to explore and discover the many differences we enjoy. Beautifully illustrated, each page is a cornucopia of colors and subjects with interesting flaps making it interactive. A small poem accompanies each city. I wish there was more information per page, like flaps with small facts to pique young minds. A pretty book, with great potential to open discussions about the world and the people who live on it.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great beginners biography

While I found the bubbles of the side comments made by the characters distracting, I did like the premise of this book. Humanizing larger than life characters makes it easier for children to relate to them. Meltzer picks themes that children can identify with so Abraham Lincoln ceases being the "guy on the penny", and his actions of fighting for what one believes in becomes understandable. In a few scenarios, Meltzer retells stories supposedly from Lincoln's own experiences that explains how his ideals were developed. He takes relatable situations like bullying, really caring about his education, and seeing that slavery was morally wrong to introduce the children to the type of things Lincoln stood for and couple them with moving quotes from his speeches. Later, snapshots like a scrap book are put in so children can recognize the real man from the cartoon. I liked this book and think it's a great way to introduce young children to the awesome figures in history, making them pint sized for young minds to grasp their importance.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Multigenerational Family Mystery

Ghost Cave is a book about the collision of diverse cultures. Taking place in different time periods during the turbulent history of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, it chronicles three generations of one family. Theresa, a Western born Chinese child of immigrants returns to her family's home to chronicle her grandfather's days as a guerrilla fighter. A mysterious man approaches her revealing family secrets that has torn the family apart in the past and she discovers that her ancestry is not all that it seems. A well written account of the many trials that stressed and fractured various generations, Theresa learns that the struggles of her ancestors created the strengths and weakness of the descendants. Do the ghosts of yesterday protect their progeny, no matter what the circumstances? Like James Michener's Hawaii, Ghost Cave is a picture window into a melting pot of a society that westerners can enjoy a rare glimpse.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Monday, April 7, 2014

Well written historical drama about the mother of the Tudor dynasty

Great historical fiction about Catherine of Valois, mother to the Tudor line. Joanna Hickson creates credible characters based on what is known about the Valois princess and Henry V. Told though the point of view of a devoted wet nurse, it's a well written account of life in the 15th century. Filled with villains, scoundrels, and saints, it has all the ingredients for royal historical drama.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great lesson in responsibility

Well thought out story about learning to take care of your belongings. Ron is having a great time with his friend John, playing with a lot of wonderful toys. He knows how to use his creative imagination and when playtime ends, he fails to follow the rules by cleaning up the mess. Punishment is the consequence of not following rules, however, when the toys magically come to life and explain why they must be put neatly away, Ron realizes he has an obligation to take care of them. This is a good book to use as a gateway to understanding responsibility to both yourself and things that are in your care. The toys complain that they are being abused and feel he does not care about them. Ron learns that you have to take care of your belongings if you want to keep them in the right shape. Really a great idea to teach children about being both responsible to themselves as well as others.

Happy Reading! 
Carole P. Roman

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enter To Win! $100 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card And A Copy Of My Latest Book!

G'Day, welcome to Oz! The roos are hoppin' and the koalas are waiting for some bamboo shoots. Everything is lively Down Under. 

I am introducing my newest book in the series,  If You Were Me and Lived In Australia!

Among the topics that are introduced in this journey to Australia are the unusual indigenous animals, the extraordinary Great Barrier Reef, the currency, the beloved game of cricket and the national holiday, Australia Day, as well as the special nicknames people have for one another and the curious taste sensation, Vegemite.

Because I'm so happy for your child to read this newest book in my series, I'm giving away one paperback copy to one lucky reader. 

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