Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Giveaway For Author Michael Phillip Cash!

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About Brood X:

Seth is laid off from work. His wife Lara just found out they are expecting a baby this summer. Seth plans on documenting the entire pregnancy with his brand new digital camcorder.
During an evening home watching television, the news reports that a swarm of cicada (Brood Ten) are expected to overwhelm the entire Northeast.
Brood Ten is vicious and ready to invade.
During a sweltering summer night, Brood Ten emerges and wreaks havoc with the electric grid, phone and cell service, wi-fi, food and water supply. Civilization as they know it is gone.
Seth and Lara are thrown back to the stone age in their own home with trillions of cicada trying to deposit their eggs and breed.
Will Seth grow up and take responsibility for his family? Or will the devastating bugs destroy humanity?

About Michael Phillip Cash:

Born and raised on Long Island, Michael Phillip Cash has always had a fascination with horror writing and found footage films.
He wanted to incorporate both with his debut novel, Brood X. Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full-time author. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

I think about classics all the time.  What makes them classic?  Who chooses it?  What makes it different from all the other books out there?

I love David Shannon.  He celebrates individuality.  His characters can be flawed. They get into trouble, but ultimately end up being well loved and appreciated for things we find so entertaining about them.

"A Bad Case of the Stripes" is a book about being different and learning to be okay with that.  We live in a society that targets anything that stands out.  Being different or unusual has to be hidden from others. Having a notion, like liking something unpopular, has silenced many a child from  voicing their true opinion.  Group rule, peer pressure are deciding our tastes.  Little Camilla has trouble making up her mind.  She can't seem to even pick a dress for first day, or  share the fact that she loves lima beans. She won't eat them for fear of ridicule.

Starting with the possibility of that her affinity for lima beans may make her different, she begins to turn strange colors and when she goes to school, finds herself being teased.
The story gets bigger and scarier, Camilla's colors get wilder, new shapes appear.  Nobody seems to know what's wrong with her.  An old lady comes by and serves her lima beans, and she is cured.

The old woman says "I knew the real you was in there somewhere."  

So, when you chose not to be the real you, know that you may become something unrecognizable and even, unlikable.  So in the end, it's better to embrace your differences than try to hide them.  They will somehow always make their presence known.

Though it's for ages 4-7, I would read it to an older crowd.  It's a valuable lesson, but I admit I found it  slightly alarming for a child who may not understand.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Review From Bookend Chronicles!

Gigi Frost wrote a lovely review of my latest Captain No Beard book! I wanted to share the review with my readers!

In Stuck In The Doldrums, Captain No Beard has a problem with sharing. He forgets that his crew member's feelings and resorts to selfish behavior. First Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the Lion, Polly the Parrot and Fribbet the Frog, decide to go off and play without him.

As the story progresses, Captain No Beard is placed in a very scary predicament and is forced to rely on the help of the very individuals that he alienated.

It is an entirely engrossing tale of friendship, loyalty and forgiveness. My son, who is my greatest point of reference with children's books, was spellbound. He loved talking about each character and going over the confrontation and what resulted from selfish behavior and bullying.

Carole P. Roman has an incredible grasp of a child's perception. She is able to create an entertaining story, full of swashbuckling adventure, while still teaching a life lesson. 

You can read more here! I hope you will also subscribe to Bookend Chronicles!

Carole P. Roman 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Soon!

When the Flying Dragon gets another new crew member, Captain No Beard soon discovers that every person is valuable in his or her own way. Burdened with his new cabin girl, his baby sister Cayla, the captain becomes unhappy with the responsibility and laments that being a captain is hard work.

However, when the dreaded Barnabus the scurvy dog and his dangerous crew begins to chase the Flying Dragon, the fearless Captain has to put aside his problems to keep everyone safe.  In their race to escape, the Captain, his loyal first mate Hallie, Mongo, Linus, Fribbet and Polly soon learn that help can come from the most unexpected places.

Captain No Beard _Strangers on the High Seas is the charming fourth entry in the Captain No Beard series. With a delightful message that teaches children not to judge a book by its cover, this exciting adventure book will thrill young readers. Filled with a thrilling adventure and playful crew of characters, this amusing book will teach children the important lessons in their young lives, all while keeping them riveted from he very beginning.

A fun and exciting series, Captain No Beard's adventures are sure to entertain children and adults alike. This wonderful book will engage young children while giving adult readers peace of mind with its helpful lessons and playful themes. 

Award winning author Carole P. Roman is adding another book to the Captain No Beard series, that introduces the newest member of the hearty crew.  A former social studies teacher, she currently works in a family business and is enjoying her second career as a children's book author.  She lives on Long Island with her husband and in walking distance to her children and grandchildren.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Captain No Beard And Crew: A Character Interview!

 I want to share the Captain No Beard and crew character interview with Amy, from Kids Corner For Super Reading!

On a warm, sunny day I had the pleasure of being aboard the Flying Dragon, with the ultimate pleasure of an exclusive interview with daring pirate Captain No Beard and his hearty crew.  After lunching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the captain's favorite, we sat down to business.  The crew sprawled around the deck before me in careless abandon, a real treat to see them so casual.

Q- So How long have you been together?

CNB- Oh, (he was laughing) how about forever!  The crew all chuckled at this.

First Mate Hallie- Well really, Captain No Beard is two years older than me, so until Polly and our newest member Cayla joined us, I was the newbie.

Q-  Great!.  So how about the rest of you?

Mongo the monkey- I came home with the Captain from the hospital.  I served as lookout  from his bassinet to crib.  All those looming people.  He's the first grandchild.  (Mongo shuttered) All that kissing.  Someone had to watch out for the little tyke!

Linus the lion-(Roaring) I have to say Mongo, that you might have watched over him, but Uncle Eric bought me to protect him.  Sort of a double gift, the captain is a Leo, just like me.

Q-You're awfully quiet here Fribbet.  When did you come along?

Fribbet the frog -Can't  have bath time without me.  Mommy bought me in a park somewhere for bath time.  My job to make sure the water temperature is perfect.  We've been avoiding hot water together for a long time.  I like to give warnings, you see.

Q- Oh, so you warn Mom when the water's hot?

Fribbet- That's my job, Mate and I take it seriously.

CNB- That's my Fribbet.  He's a serious frog.

Q-So you all know eachother quite well?

This brought on an explosion of laughter.  I guess they did.

CNB- I knew I wanted to go to sea from the beginning.  The water,the sand, the air..

Hallie- The clothes!

CNB- Well, that's important for just a few in our crew.  I like adventure myself.  What better way than taking along your best friends.  Hallie's a peach.  She's always ready to tackle anything. Couldn't have done it without her  common sense.

Hallie- It's easy, when you have a great leader.  Alexander, I mean, Captain No Beard always knows what to do.  He's really good at this.

Polly the parrot- Polly has something to say!!!

Q-Yes, Polly?

Polly- I was an angry bird when I joined this crew.  I was so mad because I was embarrassed I couldn't tell my right from left.  Let me tell you about this group of jolly tars.  They are sensitive.

Mongo- Polly,we're pirates!

Polly- They not only helped me, but made me confident enough to ask for help when I needed it.

Cayla- And they don't judge a book by it's cover, anymore either!

Q-And you must be Cayla.

Cayla- Yes, Mommy let's me join the crew in book four and what an adventure we had.  Not only did we learn not to talk to strangers.  ( The crew all nodded gravely at this)  We learned not to diminish someone's' importance because they may be small or young.  Help can come from anyone who is willing to try!

Hallie- You said it lil cousin!

Q-So what's on the horizon for the Flying Dragon?

Mongo- Snake Island!

Linus- Barnabas the scurvey dog!

Fribbet_ Crab Cakes! I hate crab cakes!

Q- One at a time, please.

CNB -Well, on our next voyage we are "Stuck in the Doldrums" and I ( here he is very embarrassed) learn a valuable lesson on sharing.

Cayla- Don't forget my book "Strangers on the High Seas".

Fribbet- Aye, that was a treacherous encounter!

Hallie-(goosebumps clearly visible) How about the "Treasure of Snake Island".

CNB- There weren't too many snakes,Hallie.

Hallie- One snake is too many!

CNB- We love to explore. No matter what we encounter from rough seas, to battered feelings, this crew can go anywhere our imagination takes us and come back better for it.

A great group of friends that appear ready for anything.  This interviewer left wondering where her own imagination could take her today.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Review: Tom T's Hat Rack

Tom T's Hat Rack- A Story About Paying it Forward by Michele Spry and illustrated by Peggy A Guest is a wonderful little book about the generosity of spirit that built this country.  Young Shelby Summers is a sweet fourth grader who just loves life. And life loves her back equally. She is happy and forthcoming with everybody from teachers to the neighbors that watch over her.  When her caretaker is stricken with cancer, she rallies his confidence to beat the disease.  After he recovers, they decide to give back to the community by doing a project together.

When all her friends are off on glamorous trips abroad, Shelby spends her time creating a hat rack for the hospital, so the chemo patients will have something special to bond them. A scarf rack is constructed as well, and a grand ceremony marks the event. Shelby learns that thinking and doing for others, is more rewarding than anything else and writes of it in an essay. Her efforts are acknowledged by the school and the book urges the reader to find things to "pay it forward". 

We live in a selfish society, that has to be reminded that we all share the same place. It's refreshing to read a story about looking outward, appreciating what we have, instead of worrying about what we are missing. A good read, helpful lesson and a nice project to follow up with.  The illustrations are adorable and I recommend this book to anyone in this age group.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

You're Invited! Meet Carole P. Roman Sunday May 5, 2013 at Kush Kush Toys on Long Island!

You're Invited!

Exclusive Book Signing with
Children's Author Carole P. Roman
Meet award-winning children's author Carole P. Roman at Kush Kush Toys on Long Island and get a FREE gift with book purchase!
Books by Carole P. Roman

Event Details

When: Sunday, May 5 from 2-5pm
Where: Kush Kush Toys at 7959 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury
Dear Parents and Educators,
My name is Carole P. Roman and I am an award-winning children’s book author. My first series “Captain No Beard” has been embraced by children everywhere for its sense of adventure and gentle lessons. There are five books in this series: “Captain No Beard – An Imaginary Tale of a Pirates Life;” "Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience;” "Stuck in the Doldrums – A Lesson in Sharing;” "Strangers on the High Seas;” and the last book “The Treasure of Snake Island” is still in production.

The second series has one book and is called “I Want To Do Yoga Too” and is an introduction to basic yoga for children.

The last series is called “If You Were Me and Lived in… Mexico – A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World.”  France, South Korea, Norway, Turkey, and Kenya are following. This group of books is the answer to the lack of reading material on culture for children ages 3-8 and is a wonderful introduction to the different customs around the globe. It touches on 10 interesting highlights of the country, from currency to a favorite food. Told from a viewpoint of a child, it is a gateway to projects like pen-pals, international food days, or can be just a plain old geography lesson.

I hope to meet you and your kids soon at my exclusive book signing at Kush Kush Toys!

About Carole: Award-winning author Carole P. Roman is a former teacher turned businesswoman. She has successfully run a family business with her husband. Her most favorite job is being grandmother to her many grandchildren. She currently lives on Long Island with her husband.

Book Review: "Alice the Fairy"

"Alice the Fairy" by David Shannon is the adorable tale of young Alice, a  "Temporary" fairy.  Hard working, she tries to do things that "Permanent" fairies do, but has to make minor adjustments to overcome her novice status.  Though she has wings for flight, and can't go very high, she can certainly go fast. Her magic abilities include changing her Daddy into a horse, as well as making a plate of cookies disappear.  She has a bevy of spells that need a lot of work, but is more than willing to work on it.  She can go to Advanced Fairy School to learn more tricks, however, Alice is happy enough to stay a "Temporary" fairy forever.

Delightfully illustrated, unique story and a fun read. I believe that when  Alice sprinkled her "fairy" dust on this unsuspecting reader, she  made a believer out of me!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Giveaway!

I'd love to introduce you to my newest book, If You Were Me and Lived In Mexico.
This children's book, already out on Amazon, is the first in a series of many more to come.

About the book:

"If You Were Me and Lived in ...Mexico-A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World" is the first entry in an exciting new children's series that focuses on learning and appreciating the many cultures that make up our small planet. 

Perfect for children from Pre-K to age 8, this book is a groundbreaking new experience in elementary education. Interesting facts and colorful illustrations help children realize that although the world is large, people all over the globe are basically the same.

To celebrate the launch of this new series, I am giving away a signed copy of this book and a $200 Gift Card to Toys R Us. Awesome! Enter below.

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by me, Carole P. Roman. Other blogs hosting and co-hosting this giveaway are not responsible for shipment. I am responsible for prize shipment. 

I am providing the gift card and this giveaway is not affiliated with Toys R Us.
This giveaway is also not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

Giveaway is open to US only.
Giveaway ends: April 24, 2013 at 12 AM. 
Winner has 48 hours to respond after notification via e-mail or forfeit prize and another winner will be drawn.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Disaster Preparedness

This morning, the first blog I opened was Living Peacefully with Children and the article on Disaster Preparedness, specifically "Tornadoes".

photo credit

I am so happy to see people addressing calamities like this.

I have been a mother for thirty five years and a child of the sixties. The only things I remember about being prepared for a disaster was "duck and cover" in the event of a nuclear explosion in elementary school.

As a child, it left me baffled and scared. How would my Mom find me? Would we take the bus home? I remember asking my mother those questions to be met by stark horror and the response not to worry about it, it would not happen here. I didn't even know about the Cuban Missile Crisis until I read about it in college.

So, as a student of history, I did question whether it could happen here. I have to admit, I never worried about weather. Tornadoes happened on grainy television news, far, far away or on movies with flying monkeys.

When I became a mother and found we had to travel to Los Angeles frequently  the gargoyle of fear planted itself on my shoulder and I wondered if an earthquake could possibly happen while I was there. Would it dare?

So, we developed a plan. My brothers made fun of me. My parent's told me I would give the kids nightmares, but I persisted. We drew up plans in the event of any catastrophe  Earthquakes, bombing, snipers, fire, flood, hurricane, famine. My kids knew what they had to do in the event of any emergency.

Then on September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened. We watched from our morning commute with mute shock as a plane flew into the World Trade Center. We worked in Astoria, just outside of the city, our son traveling in his own car ten minutes in front of us.

He called, calm, letting us know something horrible happened. He had first called his brother, told him not to go to school and head to the drug store to stock up on an extra supply of medicine for me. I take daily meds I can't live without. He had efficiently put into effect what we had planned and talked about for years.

A few years later, while staying in a hotel on vacation in Las Vegas, we faced a different disaster. There was some sort of explosion and a flood on the upper levels of the hotel. Instantly, my sons called, moving as planned, meeting in the stairwells to run down 35 stories to get to our cars. Even without communication, I'm proud to say they knew just what to do.

Every few months, we go over plans. Everywhere we go, whether it's a movie, mall or food store, we consider an exit plan. We discuss scenarios, who would go where. What's our central location if phones don't work? What to do if no one shows up. Our daughters-in law have now added to our protocol. I want to add that they don't think I'm crazy!

Read the original article here!