Thursday, April 18, 2013

Captain No Beard And Crew: A Character Interview!

 I want to share the Captain No Beard and crew character interview with Amy, from Kids Corner For Super Reading!

On a warm, sunny day I had the pleasure of being aboard the Flying Dragon, with the ultimate pleasure of an exclusive interview with daring pirate Captain No Beard and his hearty crew.  After lunching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the captain's favorite, we sat down to business.  The crew sprawled around the deck before me in careless abandon, a real treat to see them so casual.

Q- So How long have you been together?

CNB- Oh, (he was laughing) how about forever!  The crew all chuckled at this.

First Mate Hallie- Well really, Captain No Beard is two years older than me, so until Polly and our newest member Cayla joined us, I was the newbie.

Q-  Great!.  So how about the rest of you?

Mongo the monkey- I came home with the Captain from the hospital.  I served as lookout  from his bassinet to crib.  All those looming people.  He's the first grandchild.  (Mongo shuttered) All that kissing.  Someone had to watch out for the little tyke!

Linus the lion-(Roaring) I have to say Mongo, that you might have watched over him, but Uncle Eric bought me to protect him.  Sort of a double gift, the captain is a Leo, just like me.

Q-You're awfully quiet here Fribbet.  When did you come along?

Fribbet the frog -Can't  have bath time without me.  Mommy bought me in a park somewhere for bath time.  My job to make sure the water temperature is perfect.  We've been avoiding hot water together for a long time.  I like to give warnings, you see.

Q- Oh, so you warn Mom when the water's hot?

Fribbet- That's my job, Mate and I take it seriously.

CNB- That's my Fribbet.  He's a serious frog.

Q-So you all know eachother quite well?

This brought on an explosion of laughter.  I guess they did.

CNB- I knew I wanted to go to sea from the beginning.  The water,the sand, the air..

Hallie- The clothes!

CNB- Well, that's important for just a few in our crew.  I like adventure myself.  What better way than taking along your best friends.  Hallie's a peach.  She's always ready to tackle anything. Couldn't have done it without her  common sense.

Hallie- It's easy, when you have a great leader.  Alexander, I mean, Captain No Beard always knows what to do.  He's really good at this.

Polly the parrot- Polly has something to say!!!

Q-Yes, Polly?

Polly- I was an angry bird when I joined this crew.  I was so mad because I was embarrassed I couldn't tell my right from left.  Let me tell you about this group of jolly tars.  They are sensitive.

Mongo- Polly,we're pirates!

Polly- They not only helped me, but made me confident enough to ask for help when I needed it.

Cayla- And they don't judge a book by it's cover, anymore either!

Q-And you must be Cayla.

Cayla- Yes, Mommy let's me join the crew in book four and what an adventure we had.  Not only did we learn not to talk to strangers.  ( The crew all nodded gravely at this)  We learned not to diminish someone's' importance because they may be small or young.  Help can come from anyone who is willing to try!

Hallie- You said it lil cousin!

Q-So what's on the horizon for the Flying Dragon?

Mongo- Snake Island!

Linus- Barnabas the scurvey dog!

Fribbet_ Crab Cakes! I hate crab cakes!

Q- One at a time, please.

CNB -Well, on our next voyage we are "Stuck in the Doldrums" and I ( here he is very embarrassed) learn a valuable lesson on sharing.

Cayla- Don't forget my book "Strangers on the High Seas".

Fribbet- Aye, that was a treacherous encounter!

Hallie-(goosebumps clearly visible) How about the "Treasure of Snake Island".

CNB- There weren't too many snakes,Hallie.

Hallie- One snake is too many!

CNB- We love to explore. No matter what we encounter from rough seas, to battered feelings, this crew can go anywhere our imagination takes us and come back better for it.

A great group of friends that appear ready for anything.  This interviewer left wondering where her own imagination could take her today.

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