Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great lesson in responsibility

Well thought out story about learning to take care of your belongings. Ron is having a great time with his friend John, playing with a lot of wonderful toys. He knows how to use his creative imagination and when playtime ends, he fails to follow the rules by cleaning up the mess. Punishment is the consequence of not following rules, however, when the toys magically come to life and explain why they must be put neatly away, Ron realizes he has an obligation to take care of them. This is a good book to use as a gateway to understanding responsibility to both yourself and things that are in your care. The toys complain that they are being abused and feel he does not care about them. Ron learns that you have to take care of your belongings if you want to keep them in the right shape. Really a great idea to teach children about being both responsible to themselves as well as others.

Happy Reading! 
Carole P. Roman

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