Sunday, July 17, 2016

Middle Ages Worksheet #1

1-Why do you think the Middles Ages began when the Roman Empire fell apart?

2- What role did safe roads, stable government and coinage have to do with being an Empire?

3- When the empire fell apart who took control of the towns?

4- What role did knights play in these feudal towns?

5- Who worked the land of the manor or demesne?

6- What two types and peasants were there and what was the difference between them?

7-Who were the Normans?

8- What do the popular names tell you about the society?

9- Why was building a large home important?

10- Name three parts of the castle and define them.

11- Why do you think the girl in this book had such a large family? What happened to her mother?

12- Why do you think the servants slept on the floor?

13- Describe the bed of the lord of the manor. Do you think others had such a grand bed?

14- Who stayed in the solar?

15- What purpose did the tapestries serve?

16- Why was salt important? If you sat closer to the salt, did it make a difference in your status in the household?

17- Name three things that would be found on the table. Have you ever tasted any of them?

18- Why do you think the kitchen was the busiest place int the castle?

19- Describe some of the activities you'd find going on in there.

20- Why do you think the girl stopped having breakfast?

21- Pick three articles of clothing and describe them. Are any of them familiar with what you wear today?

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