Monday, July 11, 2016

American West Worksheet #2

1- What did they use for windows?

2- What is daub and chink?

3- Why do you think the settlers worked together to put up a building?

4- What happened to the natives that lived in the area they settled and why?

5- What would you plant in your kitchen garden and why?

6- Name some of the chores you would have to do.

7- How does your classroom differ from the children in the book?

8-Why did school close in the spring, reopen in the summer and close in the fall again?

9- How much did a cowboy make a month? 

10- Why do you think the settlers were called Pilgrim, Tenderfoot, and Greenhorn?

11- Why do you think the settlers would be excited about attending a dance?

12- Name some important things that you would like in your town if you were a settler.

13- What are some of the rules that everybody must follow?

14- Why would a boy be excited about getting his own horse and why would his parents make sure he knew the rules of their society?

15- Pick two personalities from the back of the book and describe why they made an impact on the times.

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