Monday, July 29, 2013

Rave Reviews!

Did you know that I wrote my first book because my son dared me to? I did!
I wrote my first series of books, the Captain No Beard series, based on games I was playing with my grandson.

I wrote another book for children based on my love of yoga. From there, I began a new series of cultural books, If You Were Me and Lived In... series that tells how children live around the world.

This is what others have been saying about a few of my books.

Captain No Beard
"My children loved this cute tale of a pirate that has a hard life for a kids pirate because according to him being a captain is not an easy job. I have 5 children that range in ages from 10 all the way to 3 this book really appealed to my 3 and 5 year old. They love pirates and the illustrations are super cute." ~Lovely

"Carole P. Roman has a fantastic start to a series of books children of all ages will love. I especially enjoy the fact these books aren't for either boys or girls, they are for BOTH! Full of fun and adventure, you'll be traveling back to your childhood with these wonderful books." ~Kissably Sweet

"We love the illustrations, and the pirate jargon, esp. "Shiver me timbers!" ...Makes him giggle every time." ~C.

Stuck In The Doldrums
"When groups of children are playing, there are ample opportunities for someone to take offense. Yet, the act of leaving in a fit of anger serves no long-term purpose as children need to learn how to adapt and play through their differences. Roman has written an excellent tale with an important moral, there is value in numbers, even when you are on an imaginary journey." ~Charles

"In this book the kids learn about sharing hard work and how being mean or bossy is wrong even if you're the leader. It teaches children about teamwork and how no one can do things by themselves, especially sailing a pirate boat. Also like the rest of the series, this book is easy to read with some new words your children can learn and it's for both genders, boys and girls." ~BB

"Ahoy Maties! Little pirates will love this series by Carole P. Roman. Filled with fun characters and colorful illustrations, these books are sure to bring out the playful side in kids and adults alike! My favorite thing about Carole's whimsical stories is that they encourage kids to use their imagination." ~Ima

I Want To Do Yoga Too
"I don't know yoga from yogurt,but it appears my grandchildren not only know the difference, took delight in teaching this old grandpa new poses." ~KJH

" I imagine Hallie going home and doing Yoga all over the house, teaching her stuffed animals and friends the new positions she just learned! The simple illustrations and colors emphasize the story and the characters." ~April

"My 3 yr old daughter wanted to try the yoga poses with the book and now since I've started doing yoga she tries to do it with me. Its a great book because you can bond with your little one and teach her the importance of exercise and trying new things. ~Mel

If You Were Me and Lived In... South Korea
"Upon reading the book your child will be introduced to many new places and many South Korean words that they may have never heard of. She speaks of different tourist attractions there. The author tells us about different foods enjoyed there. South Korea has many different hobbies and interests there that are similar to some of those in America. Their culture is very rich in time honored traditions as well." ~Brenda

" an important Korean cultural resource for children
and young people. The book has full color pictures
which depict the Korean language in daily use.
The presentation transcends fact memorization
by presenting the language in various
situational contexts." ~Joseph

"Roman shows a picture of South Korea, identifies its capital as Seoul, tells where it is in relation to other countries, what are usual Korean names, Korean money, interesting places, pastimes, holidays, foods, customs, and the like." ~Israel

Special thanks to everyone that buys my books to share with their loved ones. 

Happy Reading! 
Carole P. Roman

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