Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review: The Inquisitor's Wife

I love Jeanne Kalogridis. She captures life from different time periods with an eye for detail and the human experience. While these characters were interesting, I found them slightly too modern and unbelievable. I felt they didn't capture the fear of the time, the relationships didn't fit what was expected from an obedient daughter in 15th century Spain. Marisol seemed too modern in her sensibilities, her father and mother too modern as well. I loved the way she represented Isabella, her duplicity, her formal, pious face and carefree private persona was well written. Jews were thrown out of Spain, losing homes, business, and their Spanish identity. Kalogridis captures some of the torture, and sense of persecution, but it feels isolated, as though it only affected a mere few. This was a major upheaval throughout all of Spain. The Inquisitors attacked anyone who could give any information. In her other books, you can feel the isolation and despair of the main characters, here not so much. I also feel the ending was unrealistic and trite, a bit predictable. Not my favorite of her books, but well written none the less.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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