Thursday, July 11, 2013

Book Review: God Save the King

The Georgian Kings are not as titillating as the Plantegenet or even have the publicity power of the Tudors. God Save the King was like a 18th century reality show, bringing the dysfunction of the royal family into the open. Laura Purcell paints a vivid picture of the royal family making them appear all too achingly human. Queen Charlotte, often eclipsed by her more famously "Mad" husband is drawn as a depressed matriarch swinging between abuse and smothering love. Her disappointments in all her relationships are played out as she ages. George in all his crazy glory is his yin to her yang for the children, alternating between delightful interest to willful isolation trying to hold onto the family he wants frozen in a perfect childhood. Each one of the princes and princess's bring a boatload of problems to the mix and the parents struggle to keep them from being hurt- often being the one to hurt them the most. An interesting book, novel idea- I think I got to know the Georgian crew much better and in my own mind was able finally to put faces to the names.

Happy Reading!

Carole P. Roman

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