Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Review Wednesday presents: Quinn’s Socks by Melita Cyril

Review by Carole P. Roman on Quinn’s Socks by Melita Cyril

Charming and cute, Quinn's Socks is a rhyming book that is a delight to read. Cyril's clever text finds innumerable ways to twist the tongue, as Quinn describes his colorful footwear. Quinn is obsessed with all the different ways he can enjoy his socks.  Carole Chevalier's adorable illustrations match the lively prose and should entertain both parents and children when they read together, much like Quinn does with his dad on the last page of the book. Guess what the subject of his book happens to be? Socks!

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  1. I love that Quinn can be a boy's or a girl's name! I'll be sure to tell my friend who is the mother of a girl named Quinn about Quinn's Socks.