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Meet the Author Tuesdays: Cherie Mitchell

About – Cherie Mitchell

Cherie Mitchell is a New Zealand-based writer with a strong interest in creating stories which focus on relationships and character evolution.

After giving up a corporate life in Australia three years ago and opting for an adventure, Cherie spent several months in China working as an English Teacher. Over the course of this assignment, Cherie lived in Chenghai, Shantou a “village” of 5 million people and the toy-producing capital of the world. Chenghai is a region where foreigners are still few and far between and Cherie’s pale skin and blonde hair were very much a novelty here. She enjoyed the experience immensely and laughingly jokes that she felt completely at home in the once-in-a-lifetime role of goddess due to her unusual appearance in a village of dark-haired citizens.

On her return to New Zealand Cherie decided the time was right to embark on a full-time freelance writing career. She had written sporadically for magazines (fiction), newsletters (articles), and newspapers (articles, film reviews, and restaurant reviews) for most of her life but her true interest lay in the role of the storyteller.

Cherie’s first freelance assignment involved writing executive biographies and resumes for a US startup company who were focused on creating a platform to assist high-performing execs move into Board of Director roles. This project (still ongoing two years later) gave Cherie an excellent insight into the American psyche and culture as the biographies and resumes were transcribed and created from actual audio interviews. To date Cherie has completed nearly 2000 resumes and bios for this organization and has been advised that her input was integral to the company making the 2017 Inc 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies.

After being approached to ghost write romance e-books, box sets, and series for a US publisher, Cherie found herself researching the previously unknown (to her) genre of Wild West Mail Order Brides. A keen researcher, Cherie soon uncovered a wealth of information and, with a free rein on plots and characters, she had soon written several romances from scratch.  Cherie treated the romance book writing as another work assignment and, along with the resume and bio writing, was kept busy in a full-time writing capacity.

It wasn’t until ten months after producing the first set of stories that Cherie began to wonder just how “her” stories were faring in the marketplace. Especially after the publisher contacted her with a large bonus payment and an offer of an overseas trip. Curious as to whether the original book titles had been kept once published, Cherie searched online and discovered that yes, the books had been printed exactly as written, and surprise! – they now had a huge following. The publisher had created two fictional authors, along with fictional bios, under whom to release the books and Cherie’s stories now had an eager audience, all apparently anticipating the release of the next book. At this stage, Cherie has written 150 of these books under the veil of anonymity.

Fast forward to November this year. One of Cherie’s own romance stories, Desire, was released by another US publisher to the US and Spanish markets. At this point Cherie decided that the time was right to begin to write and release books under her own name. She is gradually growing her own audience (due to contractual obligations she is unable to reveal her ghost written names) and is happily exploring life as a valid author. Current works-in-progress include a romance novel, a coming of age novel set in Vietnam at the time of the Chinese infiltration (300 years ago), and a crime fiction novel in collaboration with a former Head of the Fraud Squad in New Zealand.

Cherie Mitchell – 150 Wild West Romances Bio and Links

Cherie Mitchell is a New Zealand-based freelance writer and author with a global outlook and a love of research.

Cherie has researched and ghost written 150 Wild West romances based in the gold rush era of the late 1800s, a time when the very first concept of mail order brides came into being. The American Civil War and the gold rush itself depleted the East Coast of the US of young men, leaving many young ladies in the East anxious of their chances of ever finding a husband. So began the Mail Order Bride services, with erstwhile and hopeful single men placing advertisements in newspapers and church flyers back East in the hopes of enticing marriageable young ladies to the new frontier.
Following the success of these books (released by the publisher under the names of two fictional authors who cannot be named due to contractual obligations), Cherie has recently begun to write and release books under her own name. Two of these books are also based in the Wild West Mail Order Bride era but are a much steamier version of her clean and wholesome ghost written works.  Cherie chose to write these two books after completing a mass of research and discovering that prostitution, “soiled doves”, and bordellos were as much a part of the old West as cowboys, outlaws, and pioneer families.

Cherie is very much a cross-genre writer and her other books include a YA time travel history book, two contemporary romances, and a non-fiction account of the 2010-2011 Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes.


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