Friday, December 22, 2017

A Branch Too Weak (The Golden Empire Series Book 1) by Richard Roux, by Carole P. Roman

Review by Carole P. Roman

A Branch Too Weak (The Golden Empire Series Book 1) 
by Richard Roux

Thrilling and detailed tale of the Old West. Danny Vance is a young man working his family's farm in Missouri when the discovery of gold lures him to leave everything he knows and join a friend to become prospectors. Richard Roux takes the reader step by step through the process of preparing and then traveling on the trip of a lifetime. He recounts the dangers and disappointments of the trail, the triumphs and friendships. Most do not become rich on gold, but the by-product that built the west. Restaurants, freight operators, merchants did indeed find their fortune servicing the new populations that grew from the influx of dreamers. Descriptive and colorful, Roux includes all kinds of westerners telling the backstories of the hardships of the Asians and Native populations. Danny does make an enemy on the trip and this livens the plot, leaving the ending unresolved and ensuring there will be more tales to share of the wild west.

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