Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Martha doesn't share! by Samantha Berger and Illustrated by Bruce Whatey

Martha Doesn't Share! is a delightful book about an adorable otter named Martha who needs tweaking with her social skills. It seems her most favorite word is "Mine".

When baby brother Edwin asks to play with her toys, she quite emphatically tells him, they are hers and hers alone. Mom and Dad Otter urge Martha to take turns, but Martha stubbornly reminds everyone that the toys belong to her and she goes off to play by herself. While performing magic tricks is fun, it's not as enjoyable without an audience. She realizes the "it's hard to ping when you don't have someone to pong." Martha discovers that her toys by themselves cannot bring her the fun and enjoyment she expects. Martha learns that by sharing, she is guaranteed a playmate and finds an amusing solution to her problem. Loved the ending. It reminded me of a similar outcome when my own baby brother and I learned to share.

Cute illustrations, warm colors and an enjoyable read all the way around.

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