Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Martha doesn't say sorry! By Samantha Berger and illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Martha, my favorite otter is back and letting us know she will do many things, but apologizing isn't one of them. While she has no problem giving hugs, making presents or reading stories, when she does misbehave, Martha simply can't say that she's sorry. Although she understands where the problem is, and wants to make it right, and excess of pride makes the apology impossible. Ignored by her mother, father and baby brother, our obstinate otter states she doesn't need cookies or other great, fun things! Upon reflection, she tries a very quiet sorry that fails to get a reaction. Emboldened, she tries again and again, each time louder and with more confidence. When the apology is accepted and the world is alright once again, Martha learns that saying "I'm sorry" is not demeaning or painful. Back in every one's good graces, she is, once again a happy otter.

Martha learns that when we do do something hurtful or wrong, nothing makes it better than a sincere apology. Oddly enough, she learns, the relief we feel works both ways.

A lovely book, great illustrations, cute story and very real emotions.

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