Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Just Ask The Universe" by Michael Samuels

About two years ago, my oldest son came to me and said he wanted to write a book. Brimming with optimism, he wanted to share the accumulated knowledge that made him happy. He had achieved so many of his goals and felt surrounded by unhappy and discontented people that he wanted to share his "secret".

I want to add that both my children are successful business men. We work together everyday and they have had to earn their keep in the family business. Nothing has been handed to them and they have performed every job in the company from the bottom to the top.

He sat down and within few weeks, not only did have a finished product, but found a self publisher and was on his way to realizing his dream. Both my younger son and I listened daily to him, helping him edit, making him clarify his points and slowly got sucked into his enthusiasm. When he presented his finished product, you can't imagine my pride. He thought it, did the work and produced a finished product.

Createspace loaded in onto Amazon and I figured he'd have the obligatory fan club of our own small circle of friends. Imagine my surprise when he developed a large and devoted following. Daily, we read comments on Facebook, reviews on Amazon and my heart nearly burst with excitement as people urged him to write more. His thoughts had improved their lives, he was the catalyst they needed to get out of a hole they had fallen into. His book had affected them, changed their way of thinking. Not only did he help others realize their dreams, but himself as well.

It is a simple book. I was afraid for him when I first read it. He writes the way he speaks and many have said that it's simplicity is it's brilliance. Too many self help books are so complicated, dry or comprehensible that they may not get their point across. It seems that my son, with his down to earth, uncomplicated way of writing has struck an important cord with his readers.

Well, the name of his book is "Just Ask The Universe" by Michael Samuels, and is available on Amazon.com. It's a simple road map to happiness and success. I want to add that it works! After reading his book, I sat down and wrote the first of eleven books- all in one year. So, because of my son's influence, I was able to realize my own lifelong dream of being named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2012 for my debut children's book.


  1. You have a lot to be proud of -- it is a remarkable book and the reason it is great is that it sounds like you are talking/listening to someone "just the way he speaks". Well done, Mom!

  2. I have to smile when I read your words.
    His book was great and I loved it. I follow many of the principals he put into the book. :)
    ~Naila Moon