Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Oh Susannah: It’s in The Bag 

Carole P. Roman

CreateSpace (2017)

ISBN 9781543034615

Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 10) for Reader Views (2/18)

“Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag” by Carole P. Roman, it’s a story of a blond, curly-haired, freckled third grader, who is having a bad day. One morning Susannah shuts off her clock and as usual, enjoys the view through her window; just before all the rushing begins. Its not a good start to remember that she didn’t finish her homework, but maybe mom will have some time before we leave, and there we go. 

Mom gives her the first call to hurry up and Susannah jumps up to get dressed, grabs her backpack and race down for breakfast. Second call, Susannah comes down and her mom is on the phone looking at the clock very often, fixing her lunch bag and placing in front of Susannah, a soggy bowl of oatmeal and banana. Her dad comes to the kitchen and gives mom things to do and he leaves also in a rush. Finally, when everybody is on their way to work and she is on the bus, she can breathe. Inside the bus she was handed a sleepover invitation that she was avoiding from her friend, and again she felt her stomach very tight and uncomfortable. 

Meet Susannah and her very busy parents, along with her best friend Lola, Mrs. Horn and her red marker, her backpack and even a banana be part of the very bad day that Susannah had. Find out all that happened to her and if she went to the sleepover. 

I really like this new series of An Oh Susannah Story’ by Carole P. Roman. I love how she writes with every detail making you feel right in the story and I am sure many kids have felt the same way as Susannah did. Needing the attention and time from our parents, but sometimes it cannot be and we just have to wait. We must learn to share our worries and feelings with our parents and not hold on to them. Also, with your friends be honest with them and let them know how you feel about things that bother you. I am sure many young readers will enjoy reading Susannah stories and learning from the simple but sometimes very complicated things she goes through. I love how Susannah looks with her freckles and curly hair swinging by the stars. 

A note from mom: 
“Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag” is such a great story that describes a day like many of us have had at least once. It seems that nowadays everyone is in a hurry rushing to do so much and the hours of the day are never enough. Sometimes we forget how overwhelming it could be for our children. Excellent parental guide. Once again, a great story by Carole P. Roman that Paola and I enjoyed very much. 

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