Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Start the New Year off with a New Read!

Missing Remnants


Love everything about this book. Love the story, the characters. Amy Hamilton writes in such a way that you feel like you know the characters and they have been a part of your life since...forever. Track, a disaffected cop is taken off his duties and he is not happy about it. Recently widowed, he is not happy with all this time on his hands and with people dropping dead literary at his feet, he knows something nefarious is going on. He must rely on his friends, a collection of human and robots to help him solve the mystery of what is going on. Whether is a space station or a small town in Cleveland, the stories have characters who drive the plot and the film noir patina give them depth and diversity. Fresh, fun, and a pleasure to read.

About the Book:
Track is fighting for the underdog. Suspended for three months, the detective is pulled into an unauthorised investigation of murder and missing people. Kidnapped, beaten, his apartment is ransacked and his pet robot dog, Banyon is dismantled and the robot's eye is taken.

Someone is sending him mysterious messages via the station's screens and service robots.

Track undertakes the investigation the Authority closed within hours. He’s being followed. He has no backup. His trusted colleagues are avoiding him. Someone is pretending to be his dead husband. Can Track break into the secret Research Division of the station and solve the mystery of the Missing Remnants or will he end up joining them?

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