Monday, January 15, 2018

A note and new animated video from Clifford J. Tasner

The latest animated video I wrote and produced for the Healthy California campaign just got released this morning.  It's called LESS.  It's about how much the US pays for healthcare compared to so many other countries that have universal, single-payer healthcare - and how much we'd save if we had Medicare for All. I was inspired by the wonderful Schoolhouse Rock videos I watched a child.  Our goal was to create something that sounded like it's of a piece with those delightful songs and cartoons from the seventies.  

You can see the video on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter  You can watch all four of the videos I've done so far at

Here are the talented folks who contributed to LESS:

Jason Paige - Lead Vocals
Holly Pitrago & Christy Crowl - Backing Vocals
Wil b., Rap
Phil Feather - Alto Sax
Mike Nelson - Tenor Sax
Peter Olstad - Trumpet
John Grab - Trombone
David Arana - Keyboards
Johann Frank - Guitar
Mike Valerio - Bass
Chris Wabich - Drums
Paul Berolzheimer - Engineer
Paper Panther Productions - Animation

Enjoy and feel free to share if this is an issue you care about.  There are a bunch more of these in the pipeline including a hip-hop song about the Pharmaceutical industry!

Clifford J. Tasner

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