Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Exciting and fast-paced

"Someone has to do it, if not me, then who?" are the words that can motivate someone to be a hero and a suitable introduction to this book. Joseph Campbell has said, "A hero is someone who has given his life to something bigger than oneself."
Mikkael Dryfuss lives with a group of friends on a ship called Skysail. They fly above the surface of the earth, towing ships into port without any physical contact with the rest of the population. They are emotionally scarred from a traumatic event from their youth, the outcome making them rich beyond their dreams and allowing them to distance themselves from a world that brings them only pain.
Dryfus is troubled by the breakdown of society. The world has overextended itself with an exploded population and a tapped out ecology. The government now ships large amounts of its population to live on Mars, enslaved and working in the mines. Mikkael yearns to help them, and with the resources of his small group and an outliers colony of scientist and intellectuals on the moon Titan, he is able to build a super weapon that will give him the advantage over the corrupt controlling government on Mars.
Driven in his need to overcome the dark forces, he must first make the rebel forces support and believe in his mission.
At one point, someone in the opposing force says,
"I would wager that somewhere, at some point, a member of the PDF is responsible for shaping him into the demon he has become."
Heroes are born from the need to protect the innocent and are sometimes created by the very forces trying to destroy them.
Mickkael Dryfuss embraces his forlorn hope driving himself to the edge of endurance to finish his missions.
Exciting and fast-paced, this sci fi thriller dresses the hero in a new suit of armor to fight his crusade, bringing chivalry and honor into the imaginary future. I have a feeling that both Starkindler and Mikkael Drufuss will fight again.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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