Saturday, November 14, 2015

Brilliant foray in the mind of a troubled eighteen year ...

Brilliant foray in the mind of a troubled eighteen year old struggling to find both a purpose and a place in his disenfranchised world. Leonard Peacock is the neglected son of a washed out rocker and his narcissistic wife who leave him to fend for himself in suburban New Jersey. Highly intelligent and sensitive, he is searching for anything to reel him back to feel part of humanity. He lives like an outsider, observing adults around him, looking for a lifeline to prove that life is worth the struggle. Instead he sees the anger, frustration, and despair around him, making him feel the bleakness of his own existence. He rails at being a victim, his fury pushes him to prepare a mad scheme for retribution that will quench his thirst to be finally noticed and counted.
Matthew Quick captures the despair of the ghosts of society, the people who blend into the background, those without advocates to help them battle the enemies killing their spirit. Leonard learns he is not invisible, but the ability to be seen and heard will only happen when he realizes he must forge ahead and help himself. His parents will never do what he thinks they should, the world does not operate fairly, but if he looks hard enough, he will create what he needs by using his greatest resource- himself.

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Carole P. Roman

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