Thursday, April 2, 2015

Leaves you with a intimate look of the life and times that led to the Cousin's War

Elizabeth of Lancaster is the privileged daughter of John of Gaunt. Anne O'Brien starts the fictional story of her life on the eve of her arranged and political marriage. The author captures the spoiled entitlement of a child born with royal blood. Elizabeth has been brought up to know both her worth and her duty. She marries, but falls in love with the King's half brother. The book is filled with the complicated political turmoil of the times. Richard the Second is holding the throne, surrounded by his favorites, pitting cousin against cousin, and husband against wife. Elizabeth must decide to follow her loyalty or her heart.
Well written, filled with intrigue, the book had me running to look up all the key players. The book leaves you with an intimate knowledge of the life and times that ultimately led to the Cousin's War.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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