Monday, April 27, 2015


Charming book that celebrates both Jewish holidays and being the littlest in a group. Hannah Levine is having a hard time. Everybody has jobs to do in preparation for many of the holiday celebrations. Poor Hannah is relegated to the minimum amount of work, because she is the littlest.On Sukkot, she needs her dad to help her hang the pretty paper chains. When they light the Channuka menorah, grandma must guide her hand. With every chore, she is reminded that she has limitations and resents her position in the family. However, her grandfather assures her that there is a benefit to being the youngest. Passover arrives, and even though she cannot do the things she wants, Hannah learns that being the littlest Levine has its perks when she is the one chosen to ask the important four questions, a very special role only given to the youngest person at the table. Sandy Lanton writes an adorable book that serves double duty by naming several of the wonderful holidays of the year, as well as a subtle lesson that teaches that everyone has something special in store for them. The illustrations are bright and cute. It is a sweet book that teaches every member of the family is valued and even if they can't keep up,or are the youngest, they have an importance in the group.

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Carole P. Roman

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