Monday, August 18, 2014

When my kids and I were looking for an artist for the cultural series, we wanted to find someone who would mix media together for the final product.While Bonnie Lemaire takes the reader and their imagination on a flight of fancy, we wanted this series to be more concrete. We loved the way Kelsea drew children, and when I wrote to her I told her the importance of it not looking too cartoonish. We wanted realism mixed with ethnically correct features. The most important thing was we wanted to avoid stereotypes. Kelsea did all that and more.  She is respectful of all the customs and cultures. I loved the research she did to make things as correct as possible and present the country in an entertaining and beautiful way. 

Picking artists without ever speaking to them, or meeting in person was hard. Yet, the three illustrators I chose have a keen understanding of the product. They were willing to jump into my world and take a chance creating new characters to be embraced and loved by children. I am grateful for them taking me on and am please to let the the world know about it!


Kelsea Parks Wierenga graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2006. She has worked seven years as a professional illustrator and designer for, a Print On Demand book publisher in Charleston, South Carolina. Sometimes I’m a Fire-Breathing Dragon is an original story that Kelsea wrote, illustrated and published in 2010.
Kelsea is currently illustrating author Carole P. Roman’s cultural children’s book series available on These informative and entertaining books detail every day life for kids living countries around the world including: Mexico, France, South Korea, Norway and many more. 
Kelsea is available for illustration and design work. 

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