Monday, August 11, 2014

Featured Artist: Sarah Boettcher

"I mostly use chalk pastels and Faber Castell pens on my traditional art and I use a drawing tablet and Paint Tool Sai for digital art. I've been doing digital art for barely over one year. I started drawing traditionally when I was really young. I would draw in the dust on the car windows and on the kitchen walls in pencil. If I had just gotten back from a play date I would need to find a quiet space to draw. I kept drawing into middle school where I won a poster contest for a town holiday. My dream would be to become a paid artist doing what I love. A few months ago I received my first paid commission to produce large canvases to Epic salon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The owner of the salon immediately after contacted me to draw a design for her personal business cards. I want to continue developing my skills and sharing my art with more people."
 Sarah Boettcher 

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