Friday, September 27, 2013

Where there's smoke...

Interesting take on the infamous Borgia family, that tries to present them in a more innocent light. Easy, and interesting read, it delves into the politics of the times and describes all the key players. While, I do agree with many of his theories and we know that history is written by the victors, where's there's smoke, I'm pretty sure there is fire. G.J.. Meyer gives compelling theories of his arguments, that the family myths were written by unforgiving voices of the Renaissance, I think Cesare Borgia was indeed a "prince" of his time, and had the protection of the pope that was more than just an "uncle". I can understand where the stories of incest were born and I do agree with him on Lucretia. Used at a pawn, married wherever and whenever it pleased politics, she ended up a respectable matron that set an example for her community. Cesare Borgia, ruthlessness, in my mind, cannot be explained away. While I believe the sensational soap operas created by the television series are nothing but fiction, I can't completely buy all of Meyer's ideas. I somehow think the truth lies somewhere between the two.

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Carole P. Roman

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  1. Fascinating piece of history. Putting it on my list of to read :) Thx