Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seeing The World

 The girls from my nail salon who inspired "If You Were Me And Lived In...South Korea..."

I love living in this country.  My dry cleaner is Egyptian and invites me yearly to the festival in his Coptic church.  Chris at the diner makes my fish the way he ate it in Sparta when he was a young boy. The salads from the Wild Fig introduced me to Turkish spices, and the most delicious kabobs I have ever eaten. Joe, at my gas stations tells me wonderful tales of Tunis where he was born, as was his father and then his father- going back to the dawn of time. And when I don't feel well, Boomies Jewish Deli makes the most therapeutic chicken soup a grandmother would be hard pressed to compete with. Shipla from Kush Kush toy store tells me about her childhood in India. 

Connie, in my office makes amazing sauce to go with meatballs that melt in your mouth, that her grandmother from Sicily taught her how to do, every Sunday. Cassis whetted my appetite for all things French with delightful entrees I have only dreamed about. The girls at my nail salon embraced both my mother and I, and when she died, they soothed me with stories of their own mothers back in South Korea. Our mechanic in Queens brings "special" Kielbasa made by Polish immigrants in Pennsylvania.

I live and learn everyday. No matter where I am, somebody has a wonderful story to tell me of where they came from so even though I never leave Long Island, I am able to "see" the world.

Until Next Time!
Carole P. Roman


  1. I love, love, LOVE seeing the gals who inspired you to write the book, reading the same book.

    Great photo!

  2. Thanks Naila, They are the sweetest group!