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BOOKTRIB: A Fun Introduction For Kids to Future Career Paths


A Fun Introduction For Kids to Future Career Paths

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Author Carole P. Roman and illustrator Mateya Arkova have teamed up to create a whimsical and educational approach to exploring career options in their children’s book “Can A Princess Be a Firefighter?” Children love to ponder all the different jobs that exist in the world, but little as they are, do not have the exposure to the many career paths that exist.

Roman and Arkova seek to broaden the career field children consider, while also emphasizing that they do not have to give up their youth or fun by learning about them. As the IndieReader says “Can A Princess Be a Firefighter? is bright, warm exploration of the possibilities open to a little girl in the modern world–without having to lose her fairy wings.”

The journey through career exploration starts simply enough, when one of two little girls playing asks a parent whether a princess can be a firefighter. The parent explains that there are all sorts of careers available to them, and that they could even do more than one if they wanted.

From cowpoke to lawyer to construction worker, Roman takes the girls through a diverse range of jobs while the girls creatively make games and dress up as the occupations listed. The parent lovingly teaches the girls that their options are only limited by their own personal ambitions. As Roman writes, “you can be anything you want to be, anywhere, place or time.”

Lacing in practical advice like the importance of learning, choosing a job that is enjoyable and the reassurance that you can always decide to do something else, Roman lays the groundwork for children to make less stressful decisions later in life.

Confidence bolstering advice included in the story like “don’t let anybody limit your dreams” is especially important for children to hear at a young age to give them a sense of independence, especially if they end up choosing a profession others critique later in life.

After thinking about all of the different career opportunities available, a daughter asks, “will I have to stop princessing? Could I still wear my fairy crown?” The parent, accepting and supportive of whatever path his child pursues, answers “whatever you pick, whatever you choose to be, know that in my true heart, you will always be a princess to me.”

This comforting response fosters his daughter’s childish spirit and creativity while gently reminding her that she will always find support at home. Carrying the positive themes of feminism and open-minded parenting, this book will enchant children and adults alike.

Can A Princess Be a Firefighter? is now available to purchase.

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Prolific children’s author, Carole P. Roman has published over fifty-two award-winning books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts three blog radio programs and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. Roman’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. She’s published a self-help book with media-maven, Julie A. Gerber, called Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. Roman writes adult fiction under the pen name, Brit Lunden. She lives on Long Island near her family.

Mateya Arkova is a children’s illustrator based in Bulgaria. Her illustrations take the readers into a funny cartoonish world with bright pastel colors and curvy lines leading to great adventures. Her favorite sources of inspiration are traveling the world and drawing its vivid colors.

Rebecca hails from Connecticut and returns to her home state to pursue her favorite subject of all time, books! She completed her undergraduate education at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island with dual degrees in English Literature and Global Communications. She is the Assistant Editor at BookTrib and looks forward to connecting people with great authors.

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