Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ode to a Reader by Carole P. Roman

Ode to a Reader

Carole P. Roman

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Oh, gentle reader, you’ve chosen my book,
you’ve bought it either on Kindle or Nook.
Maybe it was a paperback, I make most on those;
I have an idea, I’d like to propose.
You see, I worked hard to write it, in a room barely lit.
I hardly ate anything, subsisting on my wit.
No really, I’ve pissed off everybody I know.
No one’s talking to me, I feel kind of low.
I did it for us, the sleepless nights and missed work.
Although I will admit, at times, I felt like a jerk.
I had so much to say, things I wanted to share.
I’ve written at some cost, is anybody there?
If you read it, I feel we’re almost related,
the intimacy of sharing the words I created.
Please take a minute and write a review,
Just a few lines, don’t overdo!
These are the things that help authors sell,
keeping us out of the bargain bin hell.
With gratitude, my thanks for all that you do,
I think readers need us as much as we authors need you.

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