Thursday, March 15, 2018

Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子): Chinese American Children's Book by Eugenia Chu

Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子): Chinese American Children's Book
by Eugenia Chu

ISBN-10: 1478774088
ISBN-13: 978-1478774082


Mommy surprises Brandon with his grandma from China, Pó Po (婆婆), when she picks him up from school one day.  When they get home, the adventure begins!  While Brandon and Pó Po (婆婆) are making Chinese dumplings, called jiǎo zi (餃子), Brandon makes a mess and he and Pó Po (婆婆) have a good laugh!  They chat and bond over the experience.  Then Brandon eats and eats and eats and makes a surprise at the end that delights the whole family!  

This adorable story includes some conversational Mandarin Chinese (including pin yin – pronunciation) and is written the way a real Chinese grandmother and her Chinese-American grandson would speak with each other.  It is a fun read for families with children who are learning, or are interested in, Mandarin or Chinese culture.  

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