Monday, June 26, 2017

Are Any of us Safe from Hackers? by Angela Hausman

Are Any of us Safe from Hackers?

New Book Raises Questions

 by Angela Hausman

Alexandria, VA July 1, 2017:  We all love the convenience of connected devices, but what happens when those devices kill? That’s the premise of a new novel, SCARS OF THE PAST, by Angela Hausman that explores how hackers use IoT devices as weapons of destruction, even death. Jacob and his team of FBI cyber sleuths must find a serial killer hiding behind aberrant code in connected devices that’s killing Russian diplomates in the US drumming up support for Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. It seems anyone who oppose Ukrainian reunification is in danger—and the killers aren’t shy about leaving a trail of other bodies as collateral damage. Scars of the Past is available for pre-order on Amazon (release date, July 25th).

While Scars of the Past is a work of fiction, extensive research with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officers add realism so the novel reads like facts were ripped from the headlines of the near future. Characters and scenes jump off the page, depicting the best and worst of DC and the Federal bureaucracy that stymies efforts to help the FBI prevent more death.

Scars of the Past is second in the Dark Web series, which was introduced in Buried Ladies: A Novel of Mystery, Murder, and the Dark Web. Buried Ladies, (4.8 stars) is available for the promotional price of $.99 as part of the launch of Book #2.

Angela Hausman lives and works in the DC Metro, where she teaches at George Washington University and writes from her home in Alexandria with her 2 dogs to keep her company. Prior to living in DC, Angela lived in the Rio Grande Valley, an important setting for both books. Her books feature diverse populations, including Latinos and Jews, and strong female characters who know how to kick butt.

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