Friday, March 24, 2017

I'm in the mood for love

Nothing like Spring Fever to bring our the romantics.

Here are some of my picks if you're in the mood for love

The hero you love to hate

 Ren Lewis is not happy, and you know it from page one. Life in his well-ordered world has just been upended by his unrepentant little monster. Irascibly entertaining, Ren must deal with both problems at work and his unsettled household with his limited patience and coping skills. Sarah Noffke has the ability to take a cantankerous curmudgeon and make him not only lovable but leaves the reader wanting more. A suitable conclusion to a satisfying series.

Fantasy Love

Well-written, dark and spooky, Creatura is about what happens when the worlds of God and mortals collide. Isis Martin is plagued by bad dreams, leaving her feeling threatened. A monster visits her nightly, frightening her enough that her mother insists she go for help and take the medicine provided. Her problems multiply when the monster of her dreams abruptly materializes in school as a stunningly handsome fellow student. Isis learns she is really the invader than the other way around and their unlikely friendship develops into a romance. Nely Cab writes an entertaining book that should impress the YA crowd. Isis is sweet in contrast to David's stoic godlike gravity. **** spoiler alert**** Still, Cab needs drama, girl meets two-thousand year old god, they fall head-over-heels in love, god gets jealous.. Chances are he's not going to have 21-century sensibilities. While his possessiveness is off-putting, it has to be stressed this is a fairy tale that contains a romance, not a reflection of real life.

Erotica in Space

Dayton Bracknell is the guy in charge on a medical outpost on the backside of the moon.
Isolated and lonely, it appears he has only one thing on his mind. Everything he does, where ever he goes, all he wants is to make it with the female workers in the moon module. He misses home, the planet and the club he attends that satisfied his specific needs.
After making love to his sometime girlfriend Fi, their conversation boils down to,
"I ought to go," she said
"Why, no need, we're in a bloody crater on the moon."
They are stuck, isolated from the planet below, with a bizarre medical experimentation going on creating super soldiers. These super warriors have been modified, a cold and calculating scientist is studying the bizarre side effects that will soon have the entire module uncontrollably lusting after each other.
With the subtlety of Rocky Horror, Amy Hamilton has written a space opera that hits all the high notes of an erotic novel. Day and his crew face the virus head on and will be compelled to meet the new challenges or die trying. There are some explicit scenes, so be prepared.


Lana McKenzie knows what's it's like to crash and burn. Her life's been on a collision course with disaster for some time. Left at the altar by her cheating fiance, she runs into him at a local market with his new lady love and promptly falls on the floor in an embarrassing spectacle. Crushed and embarrassed she makes a break for it, escaping to the safety of a friend's home out of town.
Little does she know this trip will change her life. Another collision brings a new man into her orbit. Everything about Kayden Capshaw rubs her the wrong way. Spoiled and entitled, the son of a socially prominent builder thinks he can buy his way out of everything. The one thing he can't buy is Lana's affection. Forced together during a storm, a steamy romance develops. This time the collision leads to love.
Kayden's manipulative mother has other plans throwing Lana's life once again into turmoil. Lana is forced to make hard choices, protecting the man she loves as well as her own future. Full of fascinating characters, RL Jackson writes a contemporary romance with enough twists to keep the reader engaged from start to finish.

Art Lovers

Well written mystery about stolen Nazi artwork. Alderson constructs a credible tale, that could have been ripped from current headlines of a young art student, Zelda Richardson thrust into an uncomfortable position working with a hostile colleague on a project attempting to reunite artwork with original owners. When two women claim ownership of the same painting, she finds herself thrown into danger and intrigue as she tries to unravel the tangled past. Informative and fast paced, this is an interesting read written by an author who clearly knows her subject. Three-dimensional and well-developed characters with the added bonus of the Dutch location. I look forward to seeing what Zelda will tackle next in her art world journey.

Sisterly Love

Gus Stewart has had both her heart and trust broken. She heads back home to find her feet, picking up where she left off before she moved away to follow her dreams. By the Shores of Carolina is a story about life, it's ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies. Gus reconnects with her best friend Rae Ann, and together they lean on each other to ground themselves as well as the women around them. Together they create a network of support ensuring each has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Chick lit that makes a great beach or cozy winter night read.

You gotta love those Alfa males

Aislinn Kearns starts her book with a thrilling chase leading to a total surprise. Christine Ramirez is awakened with a warning call that she is about to be killed. The voice directs her through a hair-raising escape where she will eventually meet the person who saved her life. Paul is ex-military who has taken a job with a security company. Together they will try to unravel the mystery of who is trying to kill her. Not your run of the mill romance, Kearns' hero Paul is not what Christina was expecting. They end up fleeing together leading to a slow burn of romance. Kearns writes with a clear voice that creates realistic characters. It was an entertaining read.

Timeless Love

The Brandon
Excellent book that delves into the lives of Henry VIII's "nearest and dearest." Sarah- Beth Watkins goes into vivid detail about Charles Brandon's origins describing his humble background. She goes back several generations giving insight into his family's service to the crown, his great-grandfather a firm Yorkist. I enjoyed reading about his roguish ancestors, giving Charles a new depth other than Henry's bud. Mary the White Queen, Henry's teenage sister's all too short life is covered. The feisty teen is more than a pretty face, and her canny ability to hold off Francis's of France's advances is as cunning as a seasoned statesman. I enjoyed reading about Charles and Mary's life together, how they impacted the court in their quiet support of Queen Katherine and will admit to feeling dismayed when Mary dies at in her late thirties. Charles rebounds with his young ward and future daughter-in-law Katherine and manages to carve out a third act with her. When he dies suddenly, I think the whole court must have dimmed for Henry. I really enjoyed this book. The author injects life into what many people see as peripheral players. Mary was Henry's favorite sister, her granddaughter ended up playing a key role when Henry's son dies. Charles Brandon proved you didn't have to be royal to live like one. Fascinating reading. I went out and bought the rest of her books.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman


  1. Wow, looks like a great lineup!! I love the Tudor time period too.

  2. That was a great book. There is very little written on the Brandons. Their torrid love affair made Henry and Ann look like a couple of rookies.