Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sweet romance ensues

Something in the Air is a thought provoking novella filled with many different themes to ponder. Is it a story of star-crossed lovers or is it a tale of corporate greed and the destruction of our environment.Dan Dragen is a returning Viet-Nam vet who comes home to investigate the mysterious death of his beloved uncle. He reconnects with the one girl who always held his heart. Sweet romance ensues, but the tenderness is overshadowed by the strange emissions coming from the town factory. Fish and animals are dying, there is a toxic smell, and now the woman who has become the center of his life has a persistent cough.
Though it is only a short story, Starling packs a lot in his well written plot. Dragen is an interesting character that I'm sure has more stories to tell.

Happy Reading,
Carole P. Roman

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