Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Snapshot of lives

If you were to get on a magic carpet and fly past peoples homes and peer into their windows to catch a glimpse of their lives, then you would probably be reading On Your Own by Jonathan Miller. Fourteen short stories that are a slice of different time periods of American life. Touching, heart-felt and honest, they are tales about irony, broken dreams, broken hearts. Colorful, insightful, and real, Miller draws sepia toned pictures of life through the eyes of a child going to school the first day, the raw fear of separation, the primal love of his mother. Teen angst, dealing with the unfairness of life, or even the barrenness of existence, disappointment, or even the longing for a child challenged with learning problems to just be normal in her parent's eyes. I loved this book, the honesty and attention to detail to the innocuous, those small insignificant moments in time that shape and define us, without us even realizing it. A profound book that is deceptively simple because of it's sparse and unpretentious way of grabbing life and bringing the small moments into the spotlight.

Happy Reading,
Carole P. Roman

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