Friday, May 1, 2015

Sweet, entertaining, and funny

Three Wishes is a terrific story about a pivotal year in the life of three feisty siblings who happen to be triplets. Each has a distinct personality and the story uses flashbacks and their relationships to describe how they developed into adulthood. Identical twins Lyn and Cat are seemingly opposites in personality. Lyn is a perfectionist, hard driven to always do the right thing. Hot tempered and snarky Cat does what she pleases without thought to consequence, and Gemma, the fraternal sibling, floats through life trying to keep everybody happy. Their lives are entwined because of their closeness as siblings, and when a series of events unfold, their worlds spark and collide with anger, humor, and tenderness.

I loved this books and found myself enjoying the antics of the three madcap sisters. At times, laugh out loud funny, the story equally tugged my heartstrings. All three sisters find their lives upended and must dig deep to find the honesty of their existence. Each is faced with examining the direction of their life and the soul searing examination if they stayed true to their dreams. Moriarty is an entertaining storyteller, who really knows and loved her characters. I will admit that I love them too, and was sorry to see the book end.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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