Monday, October 13, 2014

The After House. It's The Perfect Halloween Read!

Michael Phillip Cash has done it again with a charming book called The After House. Set in scenic Cold Spring Harbor in Long Island, it involves Remy Galway, a newly divorced mom trying to rebuild her shattered life. From the start, her six year old daughter feels the presence of something in the house, but Remy tries her best to lighten the gloomy home. Little do they know that they share the house with the spirit of a crusty whaling captain who is not entertained with the feminine changes to his house. The way he interacts with the humans is both hilarious as well as poignant. 
True to his form, Cash's characterizations shine. Reading one of his books is like visiting with old friends. Characters from Stillwell, and The Flip make return appearances, but the book stands alone for first time readers. While it is a ghost story, and does possess the necessary chills, Cash's books are really about human wants and needs. While The Hanging Tree brought home the point that we define our destiny, Stillwell stressed that we don't have to be the victims of it. The After House implies that everyone, dead or alive, comes into our lives for a reason that shapes the outcome of our time here. 
It is well written, a page turner and the Cash twist at the end leaves the reader with a satisfied feeling. 

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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