Monday, May 12, 2014

Great paranormal romance

Interesting story about Brad and Julie Evans, newlywed house flippers saddled with a huge old Victorian mansion that has more than dry rot going on. The house hold the spirit of one of its former owners and her admirer. Promiscuous spirit Tessa Hemmings is attracted to Brad and wants to get human Julie out of the way. Gerald, her ghostly companion steadfastly waits and tries to reign in her impulsiveness. Couple that with a pair of ambiguous sentinels that seem to interfere at will, and you have a recipe for a chilling read. Cash creates a thrilling train ride of a story that speeds along a careening path that is never predictable. His dialogue is both fun and funny, the problems faced by the young couple, contemporary and realistic. Familiar characters Molly and psychic Georgia Oaken make an appearance from his best seller Stillwell A Haunting on Long Island. The book questions the idea of free will, as well as what we leave behind when we are no longer here. As always with Cash, his books are a testament of the constance and loyalty of the heart, knowing how to recognize love and then having the ability to return it. (less)

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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