Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving and Well Written Slice of Military Life

Terrific collection of short stories detailing the many aspects of life of the families in the military. Moving, humorous and sometimes heartbreakingly poignant, it profiles ten very different women, each married to a member of the armed forces and the trials and tribulations of their life. From newlyweds, to struggling mommies, to retirees , each face a vast array of challenges that prove courage and bravery is not confined to the battleground. A Reverend's wife battles depression, until she tackles it head on to use her own experience to help others. A heartsick wife must find the strength to accept the unthinkable. A family copes the catastrophic changes to their wounded warrior, while he works to adjust the challenges of his new limitations. Each voice is refreshingly individual, without cliche. Some were surprisingly unexpected, as in the story of a wife wallowing in guilt over her husband's last mission or the wife dealing with her bored newly retired husband. Terry Rollins has written a great book that made me think of the families that serve this country. The day to day inconveniences and great sacrifices they take on to insure that our country stays safe. We honor the men and women that serve, but fail to realize the greater picture and the precious price their families make. This book opened my heart and my eyes to their effort to uphold the homefront while their spouses protect us on the battlefield.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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