Saturday, October 19, 2013

Well researched alternate history

You can't write an alternate history, unless you really understand the life and times of the real events. Thomas K. Carpenter writes just such a novel. Gritty and compelling, it's the story of a woman, with the soul of an inventor who disguises herself as her dead brother to continue his work. Carpenter captures the sights and sounds of Alexandria, so much so that it has almost a cinematic feel. He portrays his characters with a mindset of the time, coupled with universal issues; a gangster moneylender,corruption, religious problems, invaders- this book has it all. The one thing I missed was a more feminine side to Ava or Heron. While the story had action, so much technical information for the people interested in inventions and how they work, what I missed was more of the human element. I enjoyed the interaction of her blacksmith with his wife- the most. Carpenter clearly has a deep love of ancient history,and the many facets of that time period. His enjoyment shows in every word he writes.

Happy Reading!

Carole P. Roman

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