Monday, August 15, 2016

Worksheet: If You Were Me and Lived in... Elizabethan England

1- What are the differences both inside and outside of the two depictions of the home in London on the first two pages of the book?

2- What does Renaissance mean to England and how did it affect society?

3- Why was this time period called the Elizabethan Age?

4- Who was Elizabeth?

5- Why did sending out explorers make England a superpower?

6- How did people having excess money affect the growth of society?

7- Why do you think this time was called a "Golden Age" for art and literature?

8- Why do you think the parents picked the popular names of the time for their children?

9- How had life changed for people over the last couple of hundred years?

10- What is an apprentice? How would you describe his life?

11- How do you think people found their jobs in those days?

12- Name three ways people traveled?

13- Describe what London must have looked like?

14- Why were birds named kites important to the city?

15- What did people use to make their house smell better?

16- What kind of roofs did they have in the countryside?

17- Why do you think houses were shaped like an E?

18- What is the difference between sweet and savory?

19- What is the difference between a meal in your house and the one a child in Elizabethan times might eat?

20- Why was honey easier than sugar?

21- Try and make a pastie with your mother. What would you put inside?

22- What is a trencher?

23- Name two items a boy would wear. Name two items that were part of a girls wardrobe.

24- Write about your day at the Bartholomew Fair. What did you eat and drink? What did you parents buy you? What did you see?

25- Name the three types of currency and name one thing they could buy.

26- Why do you think girls did not go to school?  Why do you think only one of the sons went to school?

27- Why did he leave school?

28- What is the difference between actors today and actors in Elizabethan times? Why do you think women were not allowed to act?

29- Who was William Shakespeare and how did he affect English theater?

30- What was the deciding factor of a person's religion?

31- What happened if a family tried to be a different religion than the king or queen?

32- Pick one famous person from the back of the book and write about how they impacted the times.

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