Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ancient China Worksheet #2

1- What does the use of cosmetics tell you about a woman's position in the Han Dynasty?

2- What was the reason the mother gave for using lip balms?

3- Why do you think short hair indicated a person had been punished? What does it tell you about the society that men spent a lot of time and energy grooming their hair?

4- How did people become enslaved in the Han Dynasty?  

5- What were the four major professions and describe what made them valued or disparaged.

6- Describe the process of making paper and explain why it changed not only China, but the world.

7- Who went to school and why didn't they include girls?

8- What are the three major religions? Describe the major differences.

9- How did people in China write, what tools did they use?  Do you think the alphabet is complicated and why?

10- What are some of the ways children amused themselves? Are any of these toys familiar to you today?

11- What is the Lantern Festival? Do you have a similar holiday? In what ways are your holiday's different?

12- Why do you think numbers and colors were so important to Chinese civilization? Do you have any lucky numbers too? If so, what do they mean?  What do colors mean to your family?

13- Find out what Chines sign you were born under by checking with a Chinese calendar. Do you see any personality traits that you recognize?
Write about your sign and what you do and don't see.

14- Pick a person from China's past and write a report on why they impacted China and perhaps the world.

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