Friday, July 15, 2016

Ancient Greece Worksheet #2

1-What were some of the many jobs your father might have?

2- How were boys educated? What were some of their subjects?

3- Why do you think they didn't give girls the same education?

4- How did their education differ?

5- Describe the differences between a chiton and peplos.  Why did they make the clothes from linen instead of wool?

6- If a person wore jewelry from far away, what did that tell you about their society?

7- Describe the way men wore their hair and why do you think it was important?

8- What was the significance of facial hair?

9- Write what you would expect to see in an agora. What would be a modern counterpart?

10- Why was using money an important invention in society?

11- What sport would you do in the Ancient Olympic games? Why do you think the Olympics were important? Are they as important today?

12- Who were Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates and why were they important. Pick one and describe what he taught.

13- Who was Hippocrates and why was he important?

14- What did Homer do and why was it important?

15-Why do you there are over twenty cities named for Alexander the Great?

16- Pick one of the gods of Ancient Greece and write about why they were important to the Greeks.

17- Write a story about one of them.

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