Monday, July 11, 2016

American West Worksheet #1

1- Describe what kind of structures you might have on a homestead?

2- Why were people looking to relocate?

3- Why do you think the journey was called "The Great Migration of 1843"?

4- What do you think a gold miner's life was like? 

5- Why was a Conestoga wagon called a prairie schooner?

6- What were the advantages of traveling in a large group rather  than alone?

7- Make a list of what you think you'd need to make the journey.

8- What chores do you think you would have like the least and why? What would you like to do?

9- What was the creative way the girl found to churn butter? Why was it such a good idea?

10- Why do you think the wagons formed a circle at night? 

11- Name three Native tribes and find out one fact on each of them.
What do you think they had to trade? What do you think they needed from the settlers?

12- What were some of the dangers and hardships on the trip?

13- How did women's roles differ in the train than in towns?

14- How did they get the wagons across the Columbia River? Why do you think the settlers never wanted to travel back that way?

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