Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chilling - all nighter read!

Chilling and terrible story of the disintegration of the values of our society. I found this book way more scarier and suspenseful then Gone Girl. To me- the characters were more believable. Detached and without a moral compass, both Todd and Jodi have their cake and want to eat it too. She keeps silent about his infidelity, as long as she can have the trappings of a upwardly mobile life. Keeping her home in order, looking perfect, making the gourmet dinner is were she centers her ambition. Her personal growth is tied only to the things that only she sees as important. Jodi is a therapist, and while she talks about her patients with clinical sarcasm that borders on light dinner conversation trivializing their problems, she is able to detach herself from her personal failures as well. Todd is selfish, a shark taking whatever he wants without any sense of consequence. He swims through life in the shallow waters, using everyone around him and discards their needs whether they be wife, girlfriend, partner, or friend. He sees people as objects to be used for his pleasure. I couldn't put the book down. Harrison compels you to read and read and read- because while the characters don't care- you can't help yourself from caring too much.

Happy Reading!
Carole P. Roman

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