Thursday, January 2, 2020

Stories of the Young by Theodore J. Cohen and Alyssa Davine

Book 8 in Theodore J. Cohen's Flash Fiction Anthology series:

George Bernard Shaw once said: “Youth is wasted on the young.” Hopefully, you didn’t waste yours! Growing up as six-year-old child working in the coal mines of England in the 19th century, for example, precluded anything even close to what today would be considered a “normal childhood,” much less giving you a good chance of living past 30. Your chances of surviving to old age were somewhat better if you were born during the Great Depression, though then, many children often went to bed hungry. Compare their lives to those of children born after World War II. This anthology comprises 73 stories related to childhood selected from the 438 stories found in Books 1 through 6, incl., of the <i>Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction</i> anthologies. The stories, each 250 words or fewer in length, are best compared to a handful of peanuts or M&M’s.  Which is to say, they’re tiny, bite-sized morsels that won’t let you stop with one!

Theodore J. Cohen writes from the heart. His latest book of Flash Fiction is called Stories of the Young but could easily be called Stories from the Heart.  Seventy-three individual stories tug both the humor and heartstrings, making for an engaging read that is unputdownable. Cohen takes photos and writes tight, concise stories to match the action. His prose is fluid as it is graceful, eloquent as it is crisp. In a few short paragraphs, he is able to take you from the streets of Paris to the dustbowl without missing a beat. Cohen and his alter-ego Alissya Devine dive with ease into different cultures, ages, and dialects of children from all over the world in various time periods. Some of the stories are filled with pathos, others uproariously funny. One thing remains constant- out of the mouths of babes!

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