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The Wise Bear Stories

What are The Wise Bear Stories and who are they for?
The Wise Bear Stories are a series of children’s personal development books, designed to help a child deal with the anxieties and emotional challenges they face in life, as well as giving them strategies to maximize their individual potential. In essence, the stories help a child to develop a balanced mind.
With the books aimed at 5 - 11-year old’s (although the principles apply to all ages) my chief aim is for the stories to act as a ‘skilled’ preventative to potential mental health conditions. If a child has the chance to learn these principles while they are young, it will give them the tools to maintain mental wellness throughout their life. A balanced mind is about the strongest guarantee a child could have for mental wellbeing.
Recent research suggests that as many as 1 in 6 young people (Anxiety UK) will experience an
anxiety condition at some point in their lives, this means that up to 5 children in every state school class may be living with anxiety, whether that be OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), social anxiety and shyness, exam stress, worry or panic attacks.
Research also shows that untreated children with anxiety disorders are at higher risk to perform poorly in school, miss out on important social experiences, and engage in substance abuse, but 80 percent of kids with a diagnosable anxiety disorder and 60 percent of kids with diagnosable depression is not getting treatment.
If there was a simple engaging medium such as stories that helped children (and parents) make sense of some of their challenges and bring their mind back to balance they might avoid mental health problems later on in life, as well as perform better now.

How are The Wise Bear Stories different?
Wise Bear Stories are different... they are not morally based trying to teach right from wrong, nor do they always follow the common mindset models often promoted! Instead, they share timeless principles of true human behavior, which whilst known for centuries, is understood very little and coached even less.
The strapline for Wise Bear is... ‘Helping You Through Life’s Journey’ and that's exactly what I hope Wise Bear will do for children and families across the World. They are the perfect bedtime story.
Each story ends with an affirmation and a short exercise to reinforce the lesson a child has been reading about. This is a great opportunity for teachers & parents to work with the child and help them apply the lessons directly to their own life.
There are 6 stories in the first series, with 30 stories planned.
How did The Wise Bear thinking come about and how was it perfected?
Since a young age, Scott Cranfield has been fascinated with and studied ways to help himself and others live the most inspired and fulfilled life possible. His journey has involved travelling the World attending countless programs and courses covering just about every area of life with the World’s leading teachers.
As a father, he wanted to share the best of what I had learnt with my children. He found a very effective way of doing this was through bedtime stories. He would create stories involving the challenges and anxieties his children had experienced that day and at the centre of each story, He created a character called Wise Bear. During the story, the children would share with Wise Bear what was upsetting them or causing them to feel anxious. Wise Bear would use his vast experience and wisdom and share a whole new way of looking at these concerns to bring acalming balance to the children’s mind, a balance they couldn't find on their own. Without a doubt, working on these stories has been the most inspiring work he has ever done. It's a project that has utilized and combined both his 30 years of coaching and 15 years as a father.

About the Author:
Scott Cranfield the Author of Wise Bear has coached at the highest level for over 30 years, appearing on TV, radio, magazines, as well as hosting multiple seminars and being a key note speaker. His coaching covers subjects from life coaching and family relationships, to sport and business. You can read his story here:

The Feedback The Wise Bear Stories has had:
During the research stage, the most common feedback I received was... “this information and help is badly needed” Please check out some of the testimonials on the website, including some from leading educators, doctors and psychiatrists.

Scott has started to visit schools to share Wise Bear thinking and principles with the pupils. These sessions have proved very beneficial for the children with some wonderful testimonials received. In May 2019 the BBC took an interest in this approach and filmed Scott working with the children at a primary school. You can see the clip here... BBC News Website: the-story-books-bringing-help
Part of Scott’s mission is to get the books into 1000 schools and to that end, he will be looking at ways to support schools that are interested in having The Wise Bear Stories in their library. Scott will be hosting webinars offering free support coaching to teachers who are interested in sharing this approach in their school.

Our Media:
To find more information about The Wise Bear stories, heres where you can find us: The website,
Instagram: @thewisebearstories

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